Augarten Porzellan is one of the oldest china manufacturers in Europe with a well-established, 300-year-old traditional product and an image to match. 4e7 was asked to bring back the lost brand awareness.

Inspired by the rebellious student movement “Uni Brennt” we launched the urban art contest “Augarten Brennt”.

We produced very provocative videos and shared them on relevant Social Media communities. The videos were an invitation to enter an unusual art contest. Augarten invited street artists to share their personal vision of the brand on the Augarten Brennt website. The campaign generated a huge interest  in the Austrian  street art scene and blogosphere. The best submissions were chosen by a public online voting.  10 finalists were then asked to tag the walls inside the Augarten Palais.

The winners had four days to complete their work which was then shown to the public. The exhibition ended with a huge hip-hop party celebrated in Augarten Manufactory by 1.500 overwhelmed guests. The three winning pieces were then auctioned at the Dorotheum auction house, and were on displays at selected galleries in Vienna and New York City. Part of the profit from the auction was donated to the Levin Statzer Foundation, which supports the street artist scene in Austria.



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