Humanic wished for an integrated Campaign that would bring the Brand closer to the new consumer, interacting more with him.

Furthermore Humanic wished to regain its avant-garde stance, it held for a decade due a very forward thinking and intelligent advertising campaign in the 80’s relating the brand with modern art.

Agency4e7 came with the idea of bringing the Art component of the 80’s campaign into the 3.0 world, creating the “Movement of Me”-platform, where the brand, artists, bloggers and the consumers are responsible for creating the Campaign and it’s venues. Besides the Films and Print ads, which were translated into five languages, exhorting the value of every single action you take in life and it’s impact on your surroundings, we had to democratize also the Web presence creating the Trendsylvania platform. It is a Trend hunting page produced and edited solely by bloggers from around the world on Lifestyles matters. Only the fact that highly diverse authors are engaged with the platform can explain the huge bandwidth of covered topics, ranching from fashion trends, to lifestyle tips to viral phenomena. Trendsylvania also has a print version in a Fanzine format, likewise produced by the bloggers collective. On both Trendsylvania versions there is a segment were consumers can present their stories which are later produced by artists who joined the Movement of Me.

On Social Medias we created Satellites Pages for the bloggers involved in the project in order to have a stronger engagement with the community. Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter were also used.

In the democratic setting of the Platform, Humanic appears only as the sponsor, whilst the products have been cleverly build into different fashion posts, without looking “advertised”.

Furthermore a very smart linking and back linking strategy was used to direct traffic from the posts with products directly to the Humanic online shop.

Events were sponsored by Trendsylvania and the Movement of Me, giving undiscovered talents in the Art scene a forum. Spectacular hort films and videos were produced likewise by ambitious new talents, all in the spirit of democratizing Art and information.


Youtube: Most watched YouTube video for a Austrian advertising ever, with staggering 2.9 Million Views
Website: Trendsylvania reached 450.000 monthly unique visitors, making it the 3th largest fashion vehicle in Austria
Satellite Pages: Reached record-breaking Click-Through-Rates of 10%.
Facebook pages: talking about ratio of 60%!

The Trendsylvania Print, is available in 2 Languages, German and English, and is published in all 12 Humanic-Countries across Europe. It has become a Cult object among fashionistas and design lovers.